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Where Pampers Come To Be Sophisticated

Join COMSUN on an experience to check out the globe of animal style all together!


Our company believe that every animal ought to have to showcase their one-of-a-kind design as well as individual. Our purpose is actually to carry classy devices to every animal, assisting all of them sparkle along with individualism as well as style.

Our team are actually committed to supplying a stable of elegant devices, making sure that your animal stands apart coming from the interrupt every environment. COMSUN devices are actually created to create your animal the focal point.

COMSUN 9 Stuff Canine Bandanas

COMSUN 9 Stuff Canine Bandanas

Package Deal Sizes: 10.04 x 9.21 x 0.51 ins; 3.7 ozs
Product version amount: CLP-PET-087-01
Time First Available: March 19, 2024 
Birthplace: China

Traditional cotton or even deluxe pet dog turbans that evaluate your fuzzy buddy down as well as leave behind a route of dropping, your pet dog currently puts on a dog collar as well as chain, the hefty cotton turbans may lead to pain as well as restrain your pet dog’s action. Our rayon pet dog turbans evaluate merely 0.4 ounces each, guaranteeing your puppy remains pleasant while appearing fashionable.
Easy Dimension: Our pet dog turbans are actually nicely sized, roughly 17 x 17 x 25 ins, makes sure that they suit very most average as well as big pets. If you possess a smaller sized pet dog and even a pet cat, these turbans may be folded up numerous opportunities to attain the best match.
Toughness: Rayon is actually recognized for its own toughness as well as durability, creating it best for standing up to the tasks of an energetic animal. Rayon preserves shade properly, so you may depend on that these turbans will not vanish, also after numerous washouts.
Easy to Clean: Maintaining your animal’s turbans well-maintained is actually a doddle. Just shake all of them in the cleaning equipment on a mild pattern, as well as they’ll appear appearing new as well as dynamic. For persistent spots, a little moderate cleaning agent are going to work. Feel free to steer clear of utilizing bleach, as it can injure the material as well as the shades.
No Thread Dropping: Anxious regarding your pet dog breathing in cotton threads? Our turbans are actually constructed from rayon, removing the danger of thread dropping. Your pet dog may delight in using it.


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